JSL Tummy Firm Control Long Leg Push Up Shorts 915-000

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Available sizes 36-44 (XS -XL)

Enhance your silhouette with the Booster Shorts! These offer a buttocks sculpting function with an innovative boost effect, thanks to the special foam inserts in the buttocks area. These Shorts also have shaping properties, slimming your waist and minimising your tummy. Booster Shorts invisibly refine your figure. They are smooth even underneath tight outfits thanks to seamless finishing and ultra-lightweight, strong and breathable material, which also prevents pinching and bulging and ensures high wearing comfort. A real buttock boosting effect is guaranteed. Wear with jeans or tight fitting clothes, it will remain invisible and improve your confidence.

This innovative series combines shaping properties with anti-cellulite formula. Made of microencapsulated fabric rich in active constituents such as caffeine, vitamin E, retinol, fat acids and Aloe Vera, these continuously release into the skin when worn. The combined action of these active components together with regular use of garments will help decrease the cottage cheese appearance of skin containing cellulite whilst moisturising, strengthening, soothing and calming your skin.