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Jelena Styles Lingerie Boutique founder Mrs. Jelena Sandler has had an ongoing love affair with beautiful lingerie from the age of 15. She was born in Europe Latvia. It was there she discovered that fine lingerie and specifically matching bra and panty sets were an essential part of every young European woman’s wardrobe.
Mrs. Jelena Sandler immigrated to Canada in 1996. Being spoiled with wearing high quality European lingerie she couldn’t find anything what she wanted to buy in Montreal stores.
Fortunately she had friends who were still living in Europe so she always asked them to send over her favorites models, which were made of high quality fabric.
In the time she lived in Montreal, she met a lot of friends, and they always complained about the problem of finding well sized and comfortable bras.
When Mrs. Jelena Sandler showed her friends the lingerie she was wearing, they were amazed and asked her to get them similar lingerie with a similar design and quality.
Finally after many years of struggling to find the right fitted bra, she decided to contact a few factories in Europe.
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Mrs. Jelena Sandler explained that there was a difference for the sizing guide of European lingerie, since they followed different standards. The classic lingerie and fashion lingerie may be available in a different range of cup sizes A to J. There are also vibrant colors and fun prints to express personality, while keeping the appearances smooth under t-shirts. In many cases, the cup is smooth, but the straps and sides are decorated with bits of lace to soften the look and provide a touch of femininity.
There are instances, particularly in larger size ranges, when a classic bra will have some seams and lace. These design elements provide additional support and help to give better shape and placement of the breast, particularly for fuller busts.

Fashion bras tend to be lacier and more colorful. Many women are still under the false impression that fashion bras are inappropriate to wear on a daily basis, when in fact they often provide even better support than their completely smooth counterparts. Technology has come a long way, so the lace used on these bras is flat, supportive, and soft to the touch. Fashion bras can be easily worn under suitable work attire and thicker, more opaque shirts. Lace showing through certain tops can look ethereal and feminine. Under the right circumstances, this layered effect is perfect for the fashion-conscious woman.
Certain fashion bras are particularly seductive. These bras are often available in concise size ranges and include (but are not limited to) embellishments such as cut outs, crystals, tassels and chains. Although not suitable for daily wear, exclusive delicates like these make life (and the boudoir) a bit more extraordinary.
European collections are designed to make a womans body look and feel glamorous. Bras and their matching bottoms are strategically designed collectively and meant to be worn together in order to enhance each womans beauty.
Bras and bottoms are necessities. They are also two of the few pieces of clothing a woman can feel truly free to use as an expression and extension of herself.
The Jelena Styles Lingerie (JSL) boutique had its first presentation on March 2015 at the Palais de Congress, taking part in “Le Salon national de la femme”
Women who came to visit Le Salon were very impressed with all models which were present at the JSL boutique.
For Example:
Half-padded bra – bra with half padded cup, the lower part of the cups is strengthened with thin foam.
Exclusive half-padded bra with a romantic print. Soft, slightly padded re covered with pleasant material. Cups are decorated with a flower print and flower lace. Cotton lining on the inner part of the cups for bigger comfort. T-neck bra visually gives breast more rounded shape. Wide straps with soft inserts distributes the load from large breast and removes the weight from the shoulders.
Padded push-up – a bra for additional breast volume. Luxurious push-up bra with additional removable pads. Cups are made from dense microfiber. Inner cotton duplicate, which ensures comfort during long wearing. Lace decorated cups. Decorated with a satin bow. This type of bra also can be used as a post – mastectomy bra. Removable pads inside cups are specially designed for the left or right breast.

Soft-cup bra – bra with soft cups.
A feminine bra made from beautiful lace and microfiber. Soft underwire cups. Lower part of the cups is padded with cotton. Beautiful straps. The bra supports breast well due to special cups construction. Soft-cup bra – comfortable model for large breast.
Women who saw and who bought lingerie from the JSL boutique at "Le Salon national de la femme" said:  “You are carrying such an amazing collection of lingerie. We would like to visit your boutique again. Where can we find your boutique?”
Since the first public appearance, JSL has had an influx of emails through its website:
Customers comments about Jelena Styles Lingerie:
-Where can I find your boutique? The lingerie in your boutique is so glamorous!
-I bought lingerie at your boutique and it is very comfortable, where can I buy more?
After such amazing success, Mrs. Jelena Sandler decided to rent a space for a boutique.
Jelena Styles Lingerie address is:
6900 Decarie Blvd.
Suite 218 (Second floor)
Cote-St-Luc, Qc H3X 2T8
The Jelena Styles Lingerie boutique  offer bras in a different range size 30-48 and cup sizes AA to K.       
Besides fashion and classic lingerie, JSL also  carry in stock- bridal bra collections, swimwear, elastic medical bras for therapy and rehabilitation and medical elastic bra for nursing mothers.
The medical bra, featuring removable pockets is recommended for women to wear during post-breast surgery rehabilitation as well as in combination with breast implants. They also help prevent and reduce mastitis and lactostasis.
Part of the excitement of shopping at Jelena Styles Lingerie will be that our customers will find merchandise that they will not find anywhere else in North America. Special orders  available at the store through our website.
Special thank you from Mrs. Jelena Sandler for the shopping at Jelena Styles Lingerie.

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